Hello and Welcome!

Live music, commissioned works, classes, and more!

Welcome to KnightLizard Music, home of performer, composer, and teacher Elizabeth J. K. Erickson.

Interested in taking classes in a thriving musical community? You've come to the right place! Our Uncaged Musicians Classes bring fun and collaboration to the forefront while maintaining the highest standards for musical development.

Looking to hire a performer for a wedding, gig, or recording project? Multi-instrumentalist Elizabeth Erickson plays strings, recorder, piano and more, both solo and in various groups including her family band, The Kerfuffalos.
In search of an original piece or custom arrangement? With a passion for creating fresh soundscapes and for tailoring music to exactly fit any player or ensemble, Elizabeth will bring your vision vividly to life.

News & Events:

Summer Class Recital & Open Mic Saturday August 25th at 10am (performers arrive by 9:30am)


Enrollment Dates for Summer:

  • Priority Enrollment (for current students): April 1st - 15th
  • Enrollment for Summer Waitlist (for new students): April 15th
  • Open Enrollment for Fairy Lights and Twinklers classes: April 15th - June 2nd 
  • Open Enrollment for Fireflies, Sparklers, Intermediate, Advanced, Teen, and Adult Ensembles: April 15th - May 15th