Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program

Teaching is an incredible way to learn! Knowledge shared is knowledge more deeply understood; the questions and challenges presented by a student provoke insight, broaden perspective, and never fail to make a lasting impact on their teacher.

Like many skills, teaching is best embarked upon in an apprenticeship, learning the ropes from an established professional. Many pitfalls from trial and error can be avoided with the scaffolding of another's experience.

I am delighted to introduce our Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program! Hand-picked intermediate-advanced students ages 12-adult who have been accepted after a process that includes a written application and interview coaching session are available to work one-on-one with beginners currently enrolled in our Twinklers, Fireflies, and Sparklers classes.

Our Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program offers a perfect balance of freedom and support. Student teachers are provided with goals, suggested lesson plans, and information about their student's skill levels in various areas. They have complete control over their availability, teaching location, and teaching style, and may use their own judgement to edit or deviate from the provided lesson plans. They prepare independently before each session, submit feedback afterward, support one another, and ask questions as they arise.

Once student teachers have developed the maturity, teaching experience, and technical skills required to successfully teach their own students, they will be invited to form a satellite studio. Satellite studios are independently run. They benefit from online visibility, referrals, and ongoing professional support, while making their own lesson plans, policies, and the myriad other decisions that go into running a studio. Satellite studios retain close ties to one another and to KnightLizard Music and may refer students to or serve as substitute teachers for one another.

Teaching is a flexible, rewarding, infinitely personalizable line of work. For some, this will be temporary or intermittent employment. For others, it will become a second job that offers welcome support through life's many changes. And a few may find themselves with a beloved, nourishing, lifelong career! Whether participants in our Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program teach for six months or six decades, the experience gained here will serve them well for years to come.