FAQ: What is Priority Enrollment?

What is priority enrollment? Why does it happen more than a month in advance? Is it better to register now, or to wait and try to enroll the week before class starts?

Priority enrollment is for all currently enrolled students wishing to continue in the next session! Continuity in music education is recommended for optimal musical growth. Students who play year-round have noticeably higher skills development, confidence, and enjoyment. I do everything in my power to make space for all current students to continue!

Our priority enrollment period exists because each class is created expressly for the students enrolled. This approach, while more time consuming than the traditional "cookie cutter" educational model, results in an environment that fosters musical growth for everyone, plus it is way more fun! So not only will this fall's Fireflies class differ hugely from last year's, for example, but my Tuesday and Wednesday Fireflies classes will also differ noticeably from one another in terms of the individual strengths, needs, and interests of the students in each.

Believe it or not I am always planning ahead by at least a season and sometimes as much as a year for students individually, for each class, and for the studio as a whole. However, I have found it wise to limit that planning somewhat until I get the green light: your enrollment. Then I am off and running to dream up beautiful things for your/your child's musical future.

Thus students who enroll at the beginning of the priority enrollment period get two more weeks of me brainstorming specifically on their behalf compared with students who enroll at the end of the priority enrollment period -- and 4-6 more weeks compared with those who wait until the week before the new session begins.

I also recommend getting your "paperwork" (= a super quick and easy online form) in during the priority enrollment period because I always have a substantial waiting list -- nineteen as of this writing -- some beginners, some students with prior experience. Once the open enrollment period begins I expect most if not all available spots to be taken by the waiting list alone. Also, the schedule will occasionally be changed based on priority enrollment -- for example, if all current Piano Fireflies enroll, I have enough for two classes. If half of them enroll, I'll combine the remainder into one class and use the other timeslot for an additional Twinklers class instead. Once this type of change is made it will not be reversed if anyone has enrolled in the new class.

If your delay in enrollment is due to considering adding an extra instrument, switching from one instrument to another, pending eligibility for a need-based scholarship, or similar issues, let's set up a time to discuss it now. None of those should be reasons to lose your spot in class!

If you have any other questions about our priority enrollment period, please get in touch before it ends August 1st.

I look forward to a great fall session of music making! We've got a lot planned: Halloween potluck, Winter Solstice Caroling, and of course our super exciting trio collaboration with Shiloh Step Irish Dance and the Bija Children's Choir. Hope you can join us!