Uncaged Musicians

Classes for All Ages

Uncaged Musicians are creative! They learn to improvise from the very beginning and love exploring the many sounds their instruments are capable of. They are encouraged to take ownership of their learning process and their input is valued highly in many areas, such as expressive elements, fingering choices, class activities, and even repertoire.

Uncaged Musicians collaborate! Small group classes and ensembles make for a high level of comfort playing with others. Students also play music games to develop skills such as rhythm, phrasing, intonation, ear training, reading, conducting, and more, all of which are easily and enthusiastically done thanks to the joyful momentum of a class of peers.
Uncaged Musicians are confident! Students see themselves progressing from level to level, Twinklers to Fireflies, Sparklers to Intermediates and finally Advanced! Studio-wide concerts give everyone a chance to see where they have been or where they are heading. These ways of registering their own tangible process are so grounding and inspiring.

Uncaged Musicians are capable! Students are given an excellent well-rounded foundation. Learning is approached by ear and by reading concurrently but separately, allowing them to zoom ahead in their area of expertise while strengthening the one they find more challenging. This dual approach to mastering both vital skills gives them the key to learning any genre of music!

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Excerpts from testimonials:


"She teaches both adult learners and children both equally well which is not an easy thing to do."


"She is knowledgeable, clear, patient, and organized."


"She genuinely cares about helping her students enjoy music, love their instruments, and take both in whatever direction makes them happy."


"Her patience and ingenuity make her an ideal teacher."


"She is bright, engaging, professional."