Uncaged Musicians Classes

Summer 2018 Tuition

Fairy Lights: $230
Twinklers, Fireflies, Teen: $285
Sparklers, Int., Adv., Adult: $415

60+m total class time: $545 (for students taking multiple classes)

Private Lessons

Coaching Sessions

Intermediate and Advanced Uncaged Musicians participating in our Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program (for ages 12-adult) are available for one-on-one coaching sessions with currently enrolled Twinklers, Fireflies, and Sparklers. Sessions are $20 for 20 minutes and may be scheduled one at a time or on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.


Weekly Private Lessons

for intermediate and advanced students

$150/month for weekly 30 minute lessons
$215/month for weekly 45 minute lessons
$275/month for weekly 1 hour lessons


Note: tuition is all-inclusive; all materials (books, recordings, etc.), group classes, concerts, and other studio events provided as needed without additional charge.


A La Carte Private Lessons

For some students, their schedules or needs dictate a more flexible alternative to the standard weekly lesson. For these students, Liz is happy to schedule lessons one at a time, appointment-style, at $100/hr, with a one hour minimum lesson length. Intended for advanced adult students; not recommended for children at any level or adult beginners or intermediates.


One spot in each class is reserved for a scholarship student! Full and partial need-based scholarships are offered on a session by session basis. Contact for details!

Opportunities for Barter

Elizabeth sometimes accepts barter as payment for classes. Past and current barters include babysitting for her children, meals for her family, specific food items (such as homegrown fruit/vegetables or homemade organic nut butter), handmade goods, and lessons (foreign language, yoga, other musical instruments, etc). If you have a skill or item you would like to offer to barter for partial or full cost of classes, do not hesitate to suggest it!