Elizabeth J. K. Erickson - Performer

Liz used to amuse tolerant relatives with original toddler-style piano improvisations, and the urge to perform has remained a constant in her wide-ranging musical life ever since. She plays cello at the highest level and is professional caliber on violin, viola, and piano. Bands and songwriters sometimes take advantage of the other instruments she plays: Liz has solid skills on recorder, guitar, and electric bass, and has been known to tinker a bit on ukulele and mandolin. To ramp up the cuteness factor, consider hiring her husband-wife duo or their family band, The Kerfuffalos. She is based in Santa Rosa and is available for weddings, special events, gigs, and recordings throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Weddings bring out Liz's perfectionist side as well as playing to her love of giving the perfect gift. Nothing pleases her more than to arrange a set list of the bride and groom's favorite tunes, blending genres in a musical embodiment of the beautiful collaboration that is marriage.

Gigs and recordings are pure play. With an audio engineer for a husband, Liz is well-versed in the recording process, and is equally comfortable reading notation/charts, learning by ear, or improvising.