Born Singing!

Do you love to sing? Come blend your voice with ours! Are you hesitant about your expertise but want your children to reap the benefits of a life steeped in music? We are here to help you make that happen. Are you in need of a relaxing place to lie back and rest in a glorious bath of sound? You've come to the right place! Build a nest of yoga props and settle on in.

Welcome to a magical haven! Loving singers weave sweet harmonies while their little ones nurse, doze, and putter around. A few pregnant goddesses in need of a break recline to soak in the melodies with their unborn babies. An "elder" or two gladly provides extra hands for the littles and support for new singers with their experienced voices. On rare occasions a coinciding labor might give us the honor of bringing our gift of song to a vigil-keeping grandparent-to-be, member of the birth team, or even mom and newborn baby.

Babies and toddlers are always welcome in rehearsals. Older children who can keep their movements baby-safe and their volume respectful may play quietly in the room or even sing along!

Born Singing is open to all interested singers. No prior singing or music reading experience required. We sing simple, nourishing songs that are typically easy to learn by ear; soothing, secular, and appropriate for all ages. All races, ethnicities, genders, and orientations are welcome here.

Upcoming Dates

Location: Thrive Center for Birth & Family Wellness

4859 Old Redwood Highway

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Sunday 5-6pm

2017 Dates:

June 11th

July 2nd

Aug 6th

Sept 3rd

(Oct 1st cancelled)

Nov 12th

Dec 3rd

Cost: Free! Optional donations welcome.